Hottest computer trends now

Computers nowadays are huge part of our lives, because many of us spend our days working behind a screen or use a computer after work. And like any other technology, computers, too, evolve in lighting-fast speeds, bringing us new technological advancements every year. So lets look at some of the newest computer trends that will dominate our future and will shape out future computer usage.

1. Shrinking computers

Shrinking computers

One of the biggest trends that has continued for many years and probably won’t stop any time soon is the ever shrinking computers. If in the past it was quite important for computer manufacturers to keep the original computer designs then now many of the manufacturers are ready to move away from these designs and try their hand at whole new miniature personal computer designs. On top of that these small PCs also have better systems like cooling and processor. And since in the future we can expect even smaller computers, then these small PCs are like a test to the success of tiny computers.

2. Virtual reality

Virtual reality

Virtual reality isn’t something that is brand new, however 2016 was the year when people could actually enjoy this concept in real life, because this year many brands released their virtual reality technology, so anyone could enjoy their taste of virtual reality that previously was possible in sci-if movies and our imagination. And since virtual reality has the potential to change the computer scene forever, altering the way we interact with our computers, it is a trend that is crucial to develop further and make it permanent thing.

3. 3D cameras

3D cameras

3D cameras, too, could be named as a huge computer trend, since they, too, have the ability to change that how we see pictures and video on our computers. There are some 3D cameras right now that use special technology to create 3D images. Moreover the 3D revolution not only introduces 3D images but also brings hardware that is able to have gesture control, without you even touching the screen. So we probably won’t have to wait that long until 3D cameras will become the norm in any tablet, smart phone and laptop, causing the regular cameras to become a thing of the past.

4. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

And finally, the so called Cyber Physical Systems or the Internet of Things also is a huge computing trend. These systems basically are software n hardware technologies that are embedded in physical things, interacting with them by sensing the state of real world and often changing it. Think smart refrigerators, vehicles and even buildings, that collect data about the environment that they are in and adapt accordingly. These type of systems are not only more reliable and safe then their old versions, but they also are much more efficient, providing that our everyday life is easier, thanks to the technology. And there is no doubt that with time there will only be Cyber physical systems.