Most popular websites right now

Internet is something that many of us use daily, an what do we do while using it? We log onto different websites and either check our social media, shop, watch videos, read some articles or just browse the net until we find something to do. But which websites are the ones that people visit the most?

According to the Alexa rank, a ranking system, that measures page views and unique site users for every website and combine them into a website popularity rank, is hands down the most popular website on the internet. This shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone, since we are using Google to find the answer to any and every question we have. The second spot goes to the now Google owned YouTube, which is a video sharing platform, but the third place goes to a social network that most of us are on Facebook.

Based on the SimilarWeb rank, which combines such measurements as the panel of millions of Internet users, International/US internet service providers, direct measurement of web traffic from data from thousands of websites and web crawlers scanning public websites, the same three websites are at top three positions of most popular internet site, just in different order. SimilarWeb rates Facebook as the number one website with Google and Youtube in second and third place accordingly.

most popular websites

More popular websites that you probably use at least once a week, that also have gained a spot in the Alexa rank are in fifth place, in sixth and Wikipedia in seventh. Which website was on the fourth place in Alexa ranking you ask? That would be You might not have head of it because it is a Chinese web service company, whose search engine is the most popular search engine in China and controls about 63 percent of the whole China’s internet market.

Then after Wikipedia comes websites like TencentQQ, which is an instant messaging software developed in China, Google India, Twitter and Windows Live in eight, ninth, tenth and eleventh place. Surprisingly seemingly popular websites like LinkedIn, Instagram, eBay, Pinterest and Reddit come only in seventeenth, twenty third, twenty fourth, thirty first and thirty third places in that order. In the middle you can see webpages like Google Japan, Germany, UK and Russia, Bing and other sites ranging from social media platforms to retail stores.

But according to SimilarWeb rank in its top ten besides already mentioned internet big-wigs are Russian social network VK,, Windows Live, Instagram, Wikipedia and two more Russian pages Yandex and Odnoklassniki in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places. Rather Russian website heavy ranking if I do say so myself, and vastly different from the more trusted Alexa ranking system. But if the shoe fits I guess.