Programs you have to have on your computer

Weather you just bought a new computer or had your computer cleaned and equipped wit new Windows installation, you will preferably need to reinstall all your programs anew, since new installation usually means completely blank canvas of a computer. But if you don’t know where to start with all of your programs and applications, then here is a list of programs that are a must for any computer.

Zipping and unzipping program

7zip and winrar

One thing that every computer user needs to have is a zipping and unzipping program, because many times different files like TV shows, movies or even a batch of pictures from that party you went to last night can come to you in zipped form. Two programs that are the most popular among computer users are WinRar and 7-Zip. You can use them to unzip files as well as for zipping your own files in a more compressed file, that is much smaller in size and therefore that will be easier to send to someone or will take up less space on your hard-drive.



Another program that you should have on your computer, is Dropbox. Yes, you can use it via the Internet and you will have to make an account to use it, but it is a great way how to share files with other people, how to have access to certain files from anywhere in the world or simply how to have a back up of your files. On top of that it is free to a certain storage amount and it is easy to understand and operate, so you can use it even if you don’t have many years of computer use under your belt.



Then there is the one program that will let you easily chat or even video chat with your friends and family and it is Skype. It is simple to use and provides other options beyond chatting, like easy file exchange and a huge verity of different emojis to choose from to make your chats more fun. I use Skype daily for work as well as in private life, so I can attest to how essential it is to have Skype on your computer.

Antivirus program


And lastly you also need to have some type of antivirus program on your computer. If the tech guy haven’t already installed it on your computer then you need to do it as soon as you boot up your computer. Programs like AVG, Panda, Bitdefender and AVIRA are some of the options you can chose from, that can be downloaded and used for free and whose free versions actually work perfect and will keep your commuter safe from malware.