Most popular Internet trends of 2016

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Most people use the Internet daily weather to read the news, check on their social media accounts or search for information using one of the many search engines that are available to us. And, just like in fashion, there are certain trends in the confines of the Internet, that can be seen each year, so lets look at some of the trends we have seen so far in 2016.

To find the Internet trends of 2016 we will enlist the help of the Mary Meeker’s internet trend report. This report is an annual report that shows not only technical but also digital trends from all around the world, and helps us better understand the ever developing technology and internet.

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One of the main trends of 2016 just as it was in 2015 is the rapid growth in internet usage through a Smartphone. 2015 was the first year when internet usage through a smartphone outnumbered those who still use internet primary using a computer. And this year the growth of the smartphone internet browsing predominance will only be bigger. However, the change regarding this trend this year is that the main markets that are using the Internet with the help of a Smartphone are located in developing countries, since it is much easier to supply access to a multi-use device like Smartphone than a laptop there.

Along with that advertising markets are moving to mobile internet platforms, too, spending over 26 billion dollars in the US alone to advertise different goods and services in a way that is suited to internet use through a mobile phone. In fact right now a third of all interned ads are mobile internet advertising, so if you want to popularize your business using internet ads, you might want to thing about specifically using mobile internet advertising instead of ads that are better for a desktop based internet browsing.


Speaking of browsing the internet, as of right now the top two internet giants are Google and Facebook, because they are the leaders among online ad space suppliers. And since it doesn’t look like Google and Facebook will stop growing anytime soon, we can be sure that they will only become even bigger players of the internet ad market, leaving every other website in the dust with no hope to catch up with them.

And lastly the fourth major internet trend of 2016 is the war on adblocking not only in regards to desktop internet browsing but now with mobile internet usage, too. Even though desktop adblocking have had a steady growth over the years, in the previous years it was quite rare to see adbocks on mobile browsers. But it is expected that in 2016 it will become less rare occurrence, which in return will also prompt mobile internet advertisers to also find workarounds for these ads most likely increasing ad presence in apps or using a format of ads that the adblocks have hard time to recognize.