What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things

If you have spend even a little time on tech blogs or searching for some internet related news then you will probably have heard of the therm Internet of Things or IoT, because more and more people are taking about this topic. And in order for you to also be in the know about one of the newest trends, if will try to explain what is IoT and how it can benefit our lives.

In short the Internet of Things is a network of devices linked together and all these devices, weather they are machines, objects or living beings with embedded chips and sensors, have the capabilities to transfer data to the rest of the network without having to initiate human to device contact. Basically it means that things like a person’s heart monitor implant, automobile, house sensors and animal microchips can all be linked together, to form the Internet of Things, a network that collects data. And then we can access this data over the internet from anywhere in the world to look at it and even to adjust it so it is to our liking. For example if you have a smart refrigerator that is connected to the internet, therefore has become one of the things on the internet of things, you can see the temperature of the fridge, what products you have in it and such without actually being at home and having to open the refrigerator to check.

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By global standards the Internet of Things is explained as the infrastructure of the information society and this type of technology creates opportunities of having the already existing physical world to connect with computer systems, which in return would allow these physical things to work that more efficient and accurate to the area they are in. On top of that IoT would also provide safety since remote access to our things would allow us to better stop malfunctions or threats and eliminate them before they turn into something very dangerous. And it would enable us to understand things that much better and learn about them in new ways.

The name Internet of Things was created by Kevin Ashton in 1999, who is a British entrepreneur and technology pioneer. However, the concept of Internet of Things was in development a while before this, because ever since the first primitive appliances with internet were created, for example the Coke machine that was connected to the internet and you could check the status of the machine over the internet, the idea of IoT was slowly becoming a reality. And it is projected that by 2020, which is a few short years away, there could be around 50 billion objects on the Internet of Things already. Doesn’t it sound amazing to have not only a network of information but also a network of actual, physical things that you can monitor and control?